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Some new faces at Green Mountain Rug School

April 1, 2014
I'm thrilled to introduce the new Board of Directors for Green Mountain Rug School
Green Mountain Rug School!  
left to right- my daughter Mariah Krauss, my sister Elizabeth Ashworth,
my daughter Lindsay Krauss, my sister Pam Kirk, and my daughter Cecely Conrad
And how did this come about, you ask?   A year or so ago I realized that I am getting close to that magic age when one begins to contemplate retirement and what it might look like for me.  I visited Pam in Florida in late winter and told her I was thinking of stopping Green Mountain Rug School.  As I get older, the eleven-month process to bring Rug School into being every June seems to take longer and longer to complete.  The work of dismantling the shop, reassembling it at Vermont Technical College and then reversing the process to take it home seems to be getting a little more than I can physically manage, although I have some wonderful help with it all.  Pam, nine years my senior, expressed that she had also been wondering just how long she was going to be able to physically help out.  I seriously began to consider that 2014 would be the last year for Green Mountain Rug School.  
However, prior to the 2013 session, I visited my daughter Lindsay and shared my thoughts with her.  Through all of the discussions, Lindsay was passionate that our multi-generational family business should not close down.  So began the exciting journey to our current state!  During a weekend in October of 2013, some of us met in Montpelier, Vermont to discuss the future of the family business and how it might look.  One point was unanimous: Green Mountain Rug School should continue!  We agreed that each of us has special skills and talents to help with the various areas of the business.  So with passion and new energy we agreed to move forward from that weekend decision.  
Our first Board meeting was held in New Gloucester, Maine in February, 2014 between two snow storms with all six of us in attendance. With luck on our side Pam was able to fly in and out from Florida, just missing each storm!  During the previous months, Lindsay and I worked together to identify specific parts of the business where board members could help.  Each board member then chose the job that best suited her skills.  We now share duties that include selecting the best teachers for Rug School and preparing for the yearly event; writing and editing a newsletter; updating our accounting system; working on a new website; and enhancing the online store. Already my workload is lighter.
One of our most exciting projects for the future will yield a history of our family business, beginning with the work of my great grandmother, Philena Moxley, and culminating with the creation of this new multi-generational Board.  And for the immediate future we are focusing on a presentation at the Green Mountain Guild's 'Hooked in the Mountains' Exhibit in October where I've been invited to be the "Featured Vendor."  I feel revitalized, energized and excited to see "my business" becoming "our business" and moving forward!  
This is of my grandson Emrys, a 6th generation rug hooker (we hope).  You can see his Aunt Mariah is starting him off early in the wool pile! 
The full Board - left to right -  Pam Kirk, Stephanie Allen-Krauss, Cecely Conrad and Emrys, Elizabeth Ashworth, Lindsay Krauss and Mariah Krauss.
From time to time, we will share notes and updates from the Board as Green Mountain Hooked Rugs continues on its journey into the future.  
Look for Blog notes from Board members on our website, and follow us on Facebook!     Like us on Facebook
There's still time to register for this year's classes at Green Mountain Rug School. We have SOME openings! Visit Green Mountain Rug School, 2014  to see details.
In the Boston area,
Beginning Rug Hooking with Stephanie.  2-Day class. April 26 & 27 10:00-3:00  at  the Eliot School, Jamaica Plain, MA.
Also, Rug Hooking Part II with Stephanie. 1-Day. May 3 9:00-4:00
For more info & to register: The Eliot School 
Don't forget about our classes and Free Hook-Ins at the Montpelier Shop. For details go to Green Mountain Hooked Rugs Happenings 

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