Monday, December 22, 2014

Hookers never say impossible...

Several weeks ago I found out that my grandson and his parents were definitely coming for Christmas. They live in Maine, about a 3-1/2 hour drive away so I don’t get to see my oldest daughter, Cecely, and her family as often as I’d like. Of course I was over-the-moon with excitement, and happily started making plans about sleeping arrangements, food, and other details involved with the family coming home. Several nights later, though, I woke with one of those ‘OMG!’ moments.  I didn’t have a stocking for my grandson, Emrys, who is 2 1/2! The next morning I decided that nothing less than one of my original hand-hooked stockings would do. I got right to work and the design developed easily, as Emrys is crazy about trains. I knew I had enough time to pull off the design, the drawing, and do the hooking so that my wonderful employee, Evelyn, (who is a terrific seamstress) could whip the hooked piece into a finished stocking. That was last Friday, December 19th. 

The background of the stocking is dark green which doesn't show very well in this photo, but isn't the plaid back just great!

Coincidentally, my middle daughter, Lindsay, was visiting that day and she greatly approved of my hooked stocking for Emrys, but she reminded me that I still hadn’t finished the stocking for my youngest daughter, Mariah, which I started about 3 years ago.  ...Another ‘OMG!’ moment. I wasn’t sure I could even find the pattern I’d started, but never say never to a mother... and a hooker. Miraculously I did find it tucked in among my ‘stash’ of wool in a box that hadn’t been opened in ...3 years. I hadn’t hooked much of it and I had used some of the design in another project. I also remembered why I never finished the piece. I just couldn’t hook the deer and make them look right. Could I re-work the design? Over-come the road block of hooking the deer? 5 days?!  I’m a hooker and a mother... Of course I can! It’s December 22nd. I still have 2 days to finish. Plenty of time. Right?

The rest of the story... When Mariah arrived 2 days before Christmas, I noticed she had a hooked piece in her bag. When she pulled it out, I roared with laughter! It was the hooked stocking I made for her (yes, 3 years ago), but it was a different design than what I'd started. I just forgot that I'd done one for her anyway.  Well... now what to do with the stocking I started several days ago? I think I have a stocking I can quickly finish next year when I suddenly have that 'OMG' moment days before Christmas.

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