Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Happy turn of Events in Nova Scotia

Thursday, July 31, 2014

One of the special things about being on vacation is that you often don't really know what will happen each day. You make plans, but then one small tweak will lead you down a whole new path. Such a thing happened last week while Ted and I were visiting the southern shore of Nova Scotia. We planned to visit Lunenburg, but stopped on the way to eat our sandwiches at a lovely beach. We noticed a sign that said 'Hooked Mat Display', so naturally after lunch we followed the arrows and wound up at the Maritime Museum of LeHave where a dozen rugs were exhibited and several more were on display for a raffle. The 2 young people who were interpreters for the summer at the museum were delightful. After seeing how interested we were in the rugs, they encouraged us to visit River House Rug Hooking in the next town where we would see more rugs. A short drive brought us to a rug hooking shop where there was a hook-in going on. I felt right at home. We chatted with the owner, Jane Steele, and the other hookers, while looking at the terrific rugs hanging on the walls of the shop. Several rugs caught my eye and on closer inspection, I noticed that they were hooked by Doris Eaton. I've admired Doris's work for a long time and recently ordered her book. Jane told me that Doris lives in the area and frequently hooks with them. And, coincidentally, that day was Doris's birthday which they were celebrating that evening with a pot luck dinner. 'Would I like to come?' ...Why Yes! Ted and I made a short trip to Lunenburg, did a few touristy things, picked up a fruit salad to share and headed back to River House for Doris's birthday Party. We enjoyed a lovely evening and I felt quite lucky to be there.

Doris Eaton is the 'birthday girl' 86 and still hooking.
Many friends came for the pot luck.

Jane Steele and me, Stephanie. July 31, 2014 in Petit Riviere, Nova Scotia

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